Learning with Nutrisystem: How Long Can You Live Without Drinking Or Eating? ?>

Learning with Nutrisystem: How Long Can You Live Without Drinking Or Eating?

To operate, the body needs energy, protein, carbohydrate and fat that can be found in food. How long can the body be denied food and water? How does it react? Nutrisystem will now shed some light on this topic.

Typically we apply the rule of 3. It is said that you can survive 30 days without food, three days without water and 3 minutes without breathing. That’s the theory, because in practice, many elements can vary these numbers. A famous example is that of Bobby Sands, a member of the Irish Republican Army died in custody in 1981, after 66 days of hunger strike. Without food, the body will adapt.

In the first phase, from one to three days, the body will first exhaust its glucose reserves, water and salt. This often leads to a rapid and significant weight loss. Then, during the second phase of up to two weeks, the energy is obtained by drawing on the reserves of fat and muscle. This will cause muscle wasting. The body is idling, lowering the heart rate and blood pressure. In the third phase, the body will use the last available reserves, proteins, the essential components of all our cells. Nutrisystem can also be used to ensure the rejuvenation of a body that is underweight. An optimal BMI is what Nutrisystem strives for.

The survival limits are reached when 30 to 50% of the proteins are consumed or that the weight loss is equal to 50% of initial weight. But if you can live several weeks without eating, you cannot hold on much more than 3 days without drinking. Through sweating, breathing and evacuation of urine, we lose about 2 liters of water every day. If this loss is not compensated after 24 hours, the body is already dehydrated. In the full glare of the sun, it can obviously go much faster.

One of the first signs is the color of urine becomes darker. The skin, tongue and mouth dry out, the blood thickens, blood pressure falls. The losses in minerals cause headaches, cramps, and consciousness disorders that can lead to coma. This is usually what happens when the body has lost over 15% of its volume of water. Some people may think starving themselves is a way to lose weight but it is not feasible to lose weight this way as the weight will be gained just as fast. Nutrisystem is a sustainable way to lose weight by correct diet and exercise.

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