How Safe is Your Food? Nutrisystem is Safer. ?>

How Safe is Your Food? Nutrisystem is Safer.

Over 80 chemicals, some of which may be carcinogenic, are ingested in one day by a child of 10 years through his meal, according to a study of the movement Future Generations, which warns against the effects of this “cocktail contaminants “.

The association that fights for the rights of future generations, purchased between July and September 2010, the food generally consumed in four meals and a snack, in one day, by a child of ten years, in supermarkets Oise and Paris. These types meals, including official recommendations – such as five fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and three 1.5 liters of water per day – as well as treats were examined by laboratories in search of chemicals, pesticides , heavy metals and other pollutants.

The balance sheet of the plate, according to the study published Wednesday 1 December 2010, is overwhelming: 81 chemicals of which 42 are classified as possible or probable carcinogens and 5 substances classified as carcinogenic and some 37 substances that act as endocrine disruptors (PE). This shows that everyday meals can be potentially dangerous to your health. Nutrisystem can be a way to ensure safer meals without the headache of selection. Nutrisystem does this for you.

“Although in almost all cases, the legal limits for each chemical individually taken are not exceeded, it is clear in our survey that the reality of consumer exposure to potentially carcinogenic contaminants and / or PE is worrying” notes the association.

For breakfast, butter and tea with milk alone contain over ten possible carcinogenic residues and three proven as certain carcinogens and almost twenty residues might disrupt the hormonal system. Apples, imported from Brazil, planned as a snack by the study, shows traces of six chemical substances including a fungicide currently banned in France. Same for green beans from Kenya, included for breakfast, from which the study detected traces of a powerful insecticide banned in the European Union. In addition, ground beef, canned tuna, and even baguette and chewing gum were riddled with pesticides and other chemicals. Tap water analysis revealed the presence of nitrates and chloroform. For dinner, salmon steak was the “richest” with 34 chemical residues detected even considering the plastic plate used to heat the meal in the microwave was not free.

The final risk to the consumer of this “contaminant cocktail” “is probably underestimated,” according to the study. In France, where nearly 70 000 tonnes of pesticides are used a year and an official body monitors the content of harmful substances in fruits and vegetables. On 3430 samples examined in 2008, 59% of fruit contained traces of pesticides. Nutrisystem meals are safe from all these risks as our standards are very high and we double-check our ingredients to ensure you get not only the healthiest meals but also the safest food.

So should we simply wash all fruits and vegetables before consumption or peel to reduce or eliminate pesticide residues? “Some studies show that these precautions are insufficient or they are useless,” said Future Generations. And “the impact of these residues in foods combined with other chemicals to which we are exposed every day, by air, cosmetics, biocides, is not assessed either.”

The Alliance Europe Ecology-The Greens (EE-LV), meanwhile, proposed “given the urgency of the situation” a moratorium on the use of pesticides, in order to stop “increased diseases of civilization “. Start losing weight today by looking for Nutrisystem coupons and don’t wait for policies that may or may not come to pass.

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