Gastrostomy in Children: How Nutrisystem Can Help ?>

Gastrostomy in Children: How Nutrisystem Can Help

Gastrostomy: what does that mean? The suffix “stoma” is the Greek word for mouth. It actually refers to the aperture through the skin and into the abdomen. The prefix “gastro” means the stomach which is opening from the abdomen to provide a mouth. Gastrostomy is a technique to artificially feed a person for whom the traditional diet is not possible. It involves the introduction, at the abdomen, of a port that connects from the stomach to outside the body. It allows you to insert a probe and thus pass food directly into the stomach. It is useful in the cases of extreme malnutrition, as in an anorexic or an impossibility to eat due to illness or an obstacle. This is the case of esophageal atresia, a malformation which occurs in some babies at birth. Nutrisystem offers services to ensure that this procedure is carried out if necessary with minimal hassle. More on this topic and Nutrisystem promo code can be found on our homepage.

Gastrostomy surgery

There are two main types of gastronomy procedures:

The first is a small tube which projects from the belly, closed by a stopper;

The second is a button flush with the abdominal skin and tubing is connected there to get food. This is what is known as a gastrostomy button. This is the most common solution.

Gastrostomy: how it works

In most cases, the patient can eat normally through both the mouth and the probe. The latter also makes it possible to give a very precise manner of treatments. When nutrition is supplied only by the probe, the food must be adapted. It is done preferably with a mixture which contains all the necessary nutrients. Mixed with foods, we run great risks to plug the probe. The probe should also be flushed before and after the passage of food. Hygiene rules must be rigorous to meet the sterility of the probe button to avoid infections. Nutrisystem can provide meals to meet all these requirements, you can even look for a nutrisystem promo code online.

After a gastrostomy: a difficult withdrawal, gradual withdrawal

When the disease is cured, we may withdraw the probe. In very rare cases, weaning can be difficult, especially when the button is used for young children. When one has never known a normal meal or even a food in one’s mouth, the withdrawal of the probe is sometimes more complicated. Working with psychologists and speech therapists is necessary. Some patients have the impression that removing the probe is like taking away a part of themselves, since they have always lived with their probe button. Withdrawal can cause psychological disorders. Nutrisystem offers patients with a manageable transition into normal feeding once again.

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