Is Adipotide Safe and Effective? Nutrisystem Sure is ?>

Is Adipotide Safe and Effective? Nutrisystem Sure is

US researchers have developed a treatment that would destroy fat cells. Using this treatment, obese monkeys, they have lost 11% of their weight.

Dr. Renata Pasqualini, a professor at Anderson Center in Houston and lead author of the study says adipotide could be a non-surgical treatment to reduce fatty tissue. Indeed, the study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine examined the impact of the molecule on obese rhesus monkeys.

The adipotide is a peptide that binds to the blood vessels nourishing and causes the death of the fat cells. This mechanism of action is different from anti-obesity drugs that regulate appetite or inhibit fat absorption, which have significant adverse effects. Following the treatment with adipotide, monkeys have lost 10% of their weight. Primates have recovered at the end of treatment. The scientists hope to quickly make a new class of drugs for humans after this success as monkeys are biologically closer to humans than mice which are usually used for experiments.

Dr. Wadih Arap, one of the co-authors of the publication, says obesity is a major risk factor for cancer, and people with less support surgery, radiology or chemotherapy.

Adipotide would have adverse effects on the kidneys but “mild and reversible,” the researchers said. They will first conduct clinical trials to validate the molecule for a marketer.

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