Nutrisystem Diet Is Key for Professors – Coupons Updated

      Nutrisystem Diet Is Key for Professors – Coupons Updated

      Greeting. I am Timothy. I’m 42, and a professor of mathematics residing in Massachusetts. Math has always been my key area of interest, and I pursued it relentlessly. But, due to a lack of interest in anything physical, a not so healthy eating habit and the tendency of mine to stay idle for long periods of time gave me a weight of over 250 lbs and a robust and gleaming belly, akin to a pregnant woman. After finishing my doctorate, I started teaching. Although I was well liked, I could hear students whisper things like “fatty, Nutty professor and jelly belly” my way. I ignored it the best I could, but certainly I was affected. Then one day, through luck or fate, a student left Nutrisystem coupon codes on my desk as a prank. My interest was sufficiently piqued, and I looked it up.

      I couldn’t believe it at first! Was such a thing possible? Losing weight by eating food that doesn’t compromise with taste? “A load of tosh!”, one of my professors at Oxford would say, and that was exactly what I felt like at first. But my mathematical brain argued with me to give it a try, due to variables such as the conception of such a service, success stories and the principles upon which this program was built upon. I earn fairly well, so paying $10 a day wasn’t hard for me, nor do I think it would be hard for anyone else. Also, I learnt that this already affordable weight loss system becomes cheaper when using Nutrisystem promo codes.

      To tell you the truth, at first I was disappointed with the portions. They were small. But then I realized that I was supposed to eat six times a day and not my customary three, so decreasing portion size but increasing eating frequency would certainly balance out my required nutrients. I started to see the math in their works, and my interest started rising.

      It’s fascinating, how they make plans for you. They take your height and weight and then prescribe you food depending upon the requirements of your body, so that the body gets all the nutrients it needs. This is barely scratching the surface though, because dietitians, food scientists and other great minds are collaborating at Nutrisystem to bring us the hugely successful diet service at affordable prices (even more affordable with the right Nutrisystem discount code).

      My wife noticed the difference in just two weeks. She said I looked slightly thinner, so I weighed myself. Imagine my surprise when I was 10 lbs lighter than before. This game me the final empirical proof that Nutrisystem, wondrous or not, was certainly very effective.

      Why Nutrisystem Is The Best

      • Healthy & Tasty Meals
      • No cooking or calculating macros hassle
      • Affordable
      • Proven weight loss results by thousands of Americans

      Then came the magical part. Fitting clothes started to loosen. Tight clothes started to fit. The name calling was gradually ebbing down. People started commenting about my loss of weight, and it gave me confidence and changed my demeanor. While I was knowledgeable and respected before, I started learning how to be assertive and dynamic. It changed me, and I’m glad, for it changed me for the best.

      One thing that surprises me and will continue to do so forever is the fact that Nutrisystem does not compromise on taste at all. Their food was, is and hopefully always will be delicious. They have an extensive menu, and while I’m going to try everything sooner rather than later, my favorite is the Beef stew. Although not as good as mom’s, it does come close.

      I’m convinced that Nutrisystem is a stroke of genius. Enrolling yourself in the program not only helps you lose weight, but teaches important life lessons such as moderation and pacing yourself. The weight loss that follows this program also imparts long lost confidence in many individuals as well. I thank whichever student thought of that prank on that fateful day. I would shake their hand and give them an A (probably not). But I would shake their hand though. They truly did me a huge favor by exposing me to this program.

      To the horizontally challenged people out there, Nutrisystem is an excellent resource for you. You don’t need exercise for it to work. Imagine! Weight loss without working out! Sounds like a dream come true eh? Although, one does need a modicum of self control for this program to be effective. You have to realize that eating anything apart from what Nutrisystem prescribes is a waste of your time and money, since the program fails if you do so.

      Nutrisystem Before & After

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      Nutrisystem did wonders for me. I lost 70 lbs because of it, and then a further 30 lbs because I could finally exercise without jiggling all over and then collapsing in under 10 minutes. It improved my lifestyle too; all I eat nowadays are fruits and the occasional Nutrisystem snacks when I crave food. For meals, I usually eat a microwaveable Nutrisystem dish, but on the rare day that it is unavailable, I eat so that I get enough nutrition, but not a grain more. Nutrisystem taught me that it is beneficial if you don’t give your body more than it needs.

      I recommend Nutrisystem to anyone who wants to lose weight. Even without exercise it works, but with exercise it works wonders. It also imparts valuable life lessons like discipline, moderation, self control and is completely worth the meager amount of money you invest into it.

      Nutrisystem is truly a wondrous system. It is sound in working and principle, and my mathematical mind is satisfied with its processes and functions. My non-mathematical mind is happy with it for the progress it heaped on my body and character, and the drastic weight loss it triggered in me. Thank you Nutrisystem, you truly are a gift to the world. I would also like to thank my friend Debra for the nutrisystem coupons she provided me.